• Ana Čović Institute of Comparative Law
Keywords: COVID - 19, human rights, domestic violence, state of emergency.


In the months behind us, we have witnessed a global pandemic in the world, which has resulted in the adoption of various measures that limited certain human rights. Among them is the freedom of movement. The effects of the spread of the COVID - 19 virus were felt in various spheres of social life, which changed the way of doing business, education, performing religious services and performing daily activities, redirecting them to the possibilities that the Internet and digital age opened the door to. The consequences were numerous, and after people were given the opportunity to spend more time with their families, an increase in domestic violence was observed. An interesting question is why and in what percentage did the COVID - 19 pandemic affect the increase in domestic violence and has the restriction of human rights and freedoms significantly affected people's mental and physical health and relationships within the family household? In addition to the causes of this phenomenon, it is necessary to learn about ways to overcome it or reduce it in the future by applying appropriate measures, if a similar emergency occurs again.


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