• Gojko Setka Faculty of Security Sciences, University of Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, B&H
Keywords: police system, organization, police, security system, terrorism, coordination, terrorist threat, security services.


Successful combating terrorism as the most current security problem is conditioned by the adequate organization of police system. It is necessary that the entire police system, as well as entire state security system keep one step ahead of modern terrorism as much as possible. It requires security services to use all available agencies in their work in order to notice security threats in time, have all the necessary information serving to efficient prevention and repressive actions against terrorism. As much diligence put in combating it, terrorism is today a global threat and it cannot be ever exterminated. However the role of entire security system is to downscale it to the smallest forms possible. We must realize that there is no efficient combat against terrorism without cooperation and coordination among different police and security services on international level.


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Police Organization – Structure and Functioning