• Gordana Dragoljub Nikolic Ministry internal affairs
Keywords: loand sharking, extortion, Criminal Code, solving, evidence


The criminal offenses of loand sharking and extortion are incriminated in the same chapter of the Criminal Code, in the group of offenses against property, in special articles, with precisely defined action, conceptual and more serious forms. However, in addition to the different legal incrimination of these acts and their different practical manifestations, these crimes show certain similarities, and are sometimes difficult to determine in practice, especially if the connection of these acts has led to a number of their closeness to the object of protection, a special subjective element on the part of the perpetrator. The manner of obtaining material gain, the specificity of the manner of execution, different punishments and different ways of initiating criminal proceedings indicate evident, clear, but sometimes difficult to detect differences between these acts.
The author gives definitions of the crime of loand sharking and extortion incriminated by the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia, their more difficult  forms, and notices the similarities and differences between these acts that indicate easier, more efficient and clearer elucidation of their commission, possible prevention, solving and evidence.


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Criminalistic and Criminal Justice Aspects in Solving and Proving of Criminal Of