Leadership in extraordinary situations

  • Nenad Veljko Kovacevic Military academy
  • Mitar Kovač
  • Nenad Komazec
Keywords: leader, leadership, extraordinary situations


Uncertainty is one of the modern age features, and as every uncertainty contains a certain level of risk, accordingly, the modern age is often perceived as the "age of risk". Actually, the modern age is the "age of safety", because we are witnessing an increasing number of natural disasters and technical-technological accidents, which result in extraordinary situations, and consequently the modern age has become an age in which security is perceived as a central value. Leadership is a process in which an individual exerts influence on a group or community in order to achieve a common goal, which is aimed at overcoming the consequences of extraordinary situations and establishing a state of safety. Due to the specifics of extraordinary situations, it is necessary to develop concrete concepts of leadership, which would improve resilience, and at the same time reduce the vulnerability of a particular community, or society as a whole. The focus of the paper is on the consideration of leadership as a concept, with special reference to leadership in extraordinary situations.


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