• Marina M. Simović children's rights
  • Miomira Kostić


gender equality; justice; female convicts; restorative justice


Passing of the Law on Gender Equality on 20 May 2021 raised a lot of issues in the local public about the application of the Law, especially the part concerning the usage of gender-sensitive language, to some extent by neglecting other also important segments related to the improvement of the status of women and men in our country. Article 3 of the Law clearly states what gender equality means, among other things, it means “equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities, (...), equal participation and balanced representation of women and men in all fields of social life, equal opportunities for exercising the rights and freedoms.” Highlighting equal opportunities for exercising the rights and freedoms of women and men, the authors of this paper have tried to draw the scientific community’s attention to the status of women and men in penal justice. Application of the historical legal and normative method will be complemented by a positivist approach to the main research problem.


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Criminalistic and Criminal Justice Aspects in Solving and Proving of Criminal Of