• Snezhana Mojsoska Faculty of security
  • Dance Nikolovska-Vrateovska
  • Sashko Vrteovski


Economic crime, world economy, social costs, economic growth and development.


Economic crime is one of the most serious threats to the security and stability of the countries and regions in the world. The crimes are growing at an alarming step, and they are connected to the growing integrity of the world`s economy. Many scientific studies prove that expenses for dealing with economic crime, along with its social expenses from the negative consequences are huge and inhibitory to societies that are willing to achieve a sustainable level of economic growth and development. This scientific research using the inductive and deductive method`s, analysis, and synthesis, as the comparative analysis of historical trends aim to illustrate the problem with the economic crime as a regional and global problem, to give its review for the conditions with this delicts in the Republic of North Macedonia, to strengthen the connection between the number of evidenced economic delicts and the growth of GDP trough tendentious processing of data and analysis for the period of 9 years, and to collect pieces of advice for preventing and lowering of the economic delicts.


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Social, Economic and Political Flows of Crime