• Milana Pisaric Ph.D.


criminal procedure, digital evidence, mobile phone, encryption


The secure phone industry has become increasingly important in mobile computing. Various security mechanisms have been developed and put in place to counter the threats to which a smartphone user is exposed - one of them is encryption. There are many software and hardware solutions that enable encryption.  On top of that are encrypted phones i.e. custom smartphones that are said to be more secure than mass-market phones. All of these products have been produced and used for legitimate reasons. However, criminals also use them. Encryption systems based on software and hardware represent the obstacle in criminal investigation, depriving authorities the possibility to gain electronic evidence while conducting search of phone or surveillance of electronic communication (Going dark problem). Also, in several past years law enforcement agencies throughout the world encountered encrypted phones while investigating serious crime activities. That resulted in proactive approach which is presented and analysed in this article


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