• Mojca Rep Associate judge at the District Court Celje, Mediator in criminal cases at a Higher court in Ljubljana


Keywords: legislation, European Union, European delegated prosecutor, independence, public prosecutor's office.




Article 86 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU mentions the rules regarding the establishment of the European Public Prosecutor's Office, an institution that will have to be completely independent of any government and designed to prosecute fraud involving fraud of European funds. Based on activities related to the appointment of two European delegated prosecutors, the State Prosecutorial Council sent the proposal to the Ministry of Justice on 3 December 2021. The Government of the Republic of Slovenia was also informed of the proposal and expressed interest in annulling the entire appointment procedure. According to the State Prosecutor General Drago Šketa, the latter could constitute an arbitrary interference with the independence and autonomy of the State Prosecutor's Office, and an illegal and unconstitutional decision. Appointment procedures must be regulated by law and carried out transparently, on the basis of objective criteria in impartial procedures without any discrimination.



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