• Snežana Stojičić MoI
  • Nataša Petrović
  • Radovan Radovanović
  • Milesa Srećković
  • Milan Blagojević
  • Nikola Radovanović


forensics, risk, system analysis, AHP method, fire, air pollutant


Purpose: he goal of this paper is to confirm the interaction of the application of system analysis and risk management methods with forensic engineering. System analysis and risk assessment methods represent the basis for building a fire protection system; one of those events is discussed in this paper. This is the basis for considering the scope of consequences from the forensic point of view, as shown in the form of air pollution that occurs on that occasion.

Design/Methods/Approach: In this paper, the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method is chosen as a method of multi-criteria analysis for the purpose of group or individual decision-making. The method was applied for the purpose of identification from the perspective of forensic engineering and assessment of the effect of polluting substances. The assessment of the concentration of polluting substances was carried out on the basis of data from the National Network of Automatic Stations for Air Quality Monitoring in Belgrade.

Findings: In the paper, it was confirmed that forensics and systemic risk analysis are connected. It was done by using the example of the consequences of the fire in the Chinese shopping center in New Belgrade on August 12, 2021. The AHP method was applied to data related to the conception of air pollutants. The chosen locations where pollution was considered are Omladinskih brigada, Vračar, Zeleno brdo, and Vinča. It was confirmed that there was a correlation between the location of the fire and the concentration of the air pollutants, as well as contribution to the event analysis from a forensic point of view.

Originality/Value: With respect to general trends in the application of system analysis and forensic engineering, an attempt has been made to show correlations between these two approaches. In consideration of one specific case of a fire accident, it was shown that the results of systematic analysis are aligned with the forensic point of view. The surveys were carried out regarding measured data on air quality measurements at chosen stations in Belgrade.

Keywords: forensics, risk, system analysis, AHP method, fire, air pollutant.


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Natural and Applied Sciences in Forensics, Cybercrime and Security