CFS journal

Journal of Computer and Forensic Sciences is an open access peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies in Belgrade covering advanced and innovative research across the fields of computer and forensic sciences. The aim of the journal is to provide a platform through which authors can communicate their viewpoints on diverse but often related aspects of computer and forensic sciences and a source of information to support advancing research, education and practice in these fields.

The scope of the journal covers new developments in:

Computer Science: natural language processing, image processing, intelligent technical systems, human-machine interaction, machine learning, modeling, classification and clustering, applied mathematics, biometric system synthesis and analysis, applied cryptography and cryptanalysis, knowledge-based reasoning, cognitive and affective computing, biologically-inspired computing, information security and safety, digital forensics, big data systems and architectures, mobile device ecosystems, ambient intelligence and smart cities, and other hot topics.

Forensic Sciences: forensic chemistry and toxicology, forensic genetics, biology and serology, legal medicine, forensic anthropology, pathology and odontology, forensic physics and physical sciences, firearms, explosions and arsons, document examination, forensic biometrics, digital forensics, forensic engineering (mechanical, traffic and civil engineering, material science and chemical technologies, biotechnology and agriculture), environmental forensics, forensic psychology, as well as social (legal, ethical and policy) aspects of forensic sciences that are scientifically-sound and other emerging topics where science interacts with the law.